Birthday Cake

American Cheesecake – Birthday Cake


It might look simple, but our baked cheesecake is an American classic that’s loved by everyone! Delivering intense cheese flavor that is smooth in texture and combined with a crunchy biscuit base, no wonder this American cheesecake has seduced countless palates.

Baileys Birthday Cake


This Baileys Chocolate Cake combines two of my favorite things – Baileys and chocolate!! We use good quality chocolate to make a ganache and infused it with generous shots of Baileys Irish cream. Combine it with rich chocolate cake and a crunchy biscuit base. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Black Forest Birthday Cake


This is the old school version of The Black Forest cake that taste just like what you had them when you were a kid… Ahh.. bring back good old memories…. We combined rich chocolate sponge cake layers with black cherries filling, frost it with a simple whipped cream and added maraschino cherries and chocolate flakes for decorations. The recipe has not changed for the past 30 years….You’re welcomed! =)

Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake


For Serious Chocolate Lovers, we made this specially for you to satisfy your chocolate cravings!! We combined rich chocolate sponge cake layers and frost it generously with our specialty house-made chocolate mousse. Finally we coat the top layer with good quality chocolate for an intense finish… Please enjoy!!

Fresh Fruits Birthday Cake


Looking for a cake that is a healthier choice and looks fantastic?? Look no further as our Fresh Fruit Cake is the one for you!! Enjoy the velvety vanilla sponge cake served with a variety of fresh fruits, signature house-made custard fillings and decorated with roasted almonds on the sides… Definitely a crowd pleaser!!!

Mango Strawberry Birthday Cake


Wondering what’s the perfect birthday cake to select for your wife’s birthday? We have combined two fruits that ladies loved most, Mango and Strawberry. She’ll enjoy the combination of the soft strawberry sponge cake, strawberry slices and mango puree oozing out with every bite! Decorated elegantly with rose petals. What are you waiting for?

Ondeh Ondeh Birthday Cake


One of our top 5 MUST TRY selections, we have recreated the classic glutinous rice balls to a cake version of it. To mimic the gooey center of an Ondeh Ondeh, we soaked the coconut shavings with gula melaka that we have specially imported. So that you can enjoy the gula melaka slowly oozing out of the cake, revealing the sugary goodness. Highly recommended by top food bloggers!

Pandan Kaya Birthday Cake


One of our top 5 MUST TRY selections, Our house-made kaya filling is a nostalgic one, as the recipe has not change since 30 years ago. The creamy texture of the kaya and lightness of the pandan sponge cake worked well with each other. Tasting this will be like riding a time machine; every bite of it brings back memories.. Please Enjoy!!! Highly recommended by top food bloggers!

Strawberry Shortcake – Birthday Cake


Our Strawberry Shortcake is simple yet elegant. The Vanilla Sponge cake is airy and light, we combined fresh strawberries and chunky strawberry jam as the fillings, dress it up with our house-made whipped cream and more fresh strawberries!!! Yummy!!


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