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30 Years of Experience

Most bakeries in Singapore, uses Pre-mixes and Cake mixes in their baking. These ingredients are artificial but it is convenient to produce and the cost for production is lower. After producing those cakes in their central kitchen, they will store it in the freezer for months before sending these cakes to their retail outlets and sell those cakes to you.

This is the reality and unfortunately this is what you have been consuming for years and years. Question is “Do you want to be eating artificial cakes?”

In happy oven we believe in using natural ingredients like flour, eggs and butter in our baking. This is the traditional way of baking. Although the cost of producing our cakes are higher, we believe in giving our customers cakes that are freshly baked and most importantly – Healthy.

Our cakes and pastries are also made less sweet.

We are one of the few existing traditional bakeries left in Singapore to produce these cakes from scratch. We remain resilient to stick by our traditions and practices in making our cakes. We defy time to bring you those traditional cakes and confectioneries where you have enjoyed in your childhood years.

Over the years, we have established ourselves to be famously known for our specialty selections which includes, Apple Crumbles, Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Traditional Pandan Kaya Cake, Cream Puff and Eclair.

To keep up with the trends, we provide an extensive range of fruity, savoury, and chocolate-based products. From classic sugar rolls to trendy red velvet cupcakes, this is where modern and traditional baking shake hands. Hence, providing greater varieties to cater to the increasing demand for events (personal & corporate) catering.

You can now order with us online, if you have any enquiries or any collaboration opportunities, please write in to us at enquiry@happyoven.com.sg

Mr. Tay – Founder of Happy Oven

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